Thursday, September 23, 2010

Peacock Christ Table Setting

Center of Attention
For the centerpiece, place a wreath made of peacock feathers flat-side-down on the center of the table. Next, place an oversize glass vase in the center of the wreath. Fill the vase with blue and green ball ornaments. Tuck tall stems of decorative peacock feathers into the vase to create a feather "bouquet."
Tip: Depending on the width of your vase, it may be easiest to put the feather stems in the vase first, and then fill the space around it with the ball ornaments.

Credit to Better Homes and Gardens.

Birds of a Feather
Fold simple white napkins into "pockets" and tuck a peacock feather into each pocket. Decorate the napkin with a band of ribbon and hot-glue a jewel-tone gem or large crafts rhinestone in the center of the band.

Credit to Better Homes Garden

Monday, September 20, 2010

What's Your Flavor

Tell me what is your most favored scent for fall:

Spice, Berry, Baked Goods, Apple, Vanilla ... tell me what is your flavor???

Fall Festive Flavor

What is your home decor type?

Glittering Fall Table Setting and Centerpiece Ideas
Designer Erinn Valencich shares tips for setting a Thanksgiving table that balances natural elements with the gleam of metallics.

Various shades orange, burnt orange, bronze, copper and golds accented with earth tones show up on tabletops all season long in fall decorations, centerpieces and place settings. If tabletop planning is gathered properly fall decor can carry you through the rest of the holiday season with a few little minor accents thrown in the mix that carry your rite into Christmas. Rich earth tones can be displayed beautifully if your home decor has a warm color palette.

Rich earth tone shades are also perfect for decorating fall tabletops. Whether getting ready for everyday dinner or playing host for a holiday gathering, decorating a fall table with accented with pumpkins reinforces the festive mood and co-ordinates well with seasonal dishes.
Before you start decorating a table with pumpkins, decide what kind of look you’re after. Do you want formal or casual, traditional or whimsical? The state of your furniture pieces and overall design preferences may help you decide which way suites your fancy.
Have Fun and Happy Decorating, remember that your home decor should reflect your personal style.
by: Latana Broadnax